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Nurtured Motherhood, LLC

By Birth Doula Victoria Elias

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Congratulations on your pregnancy! My name is Victoria Elias, CD(DONA) and I am a DONA-Certified Birth Doula and the founder of Nurtured Motherhood. Nurtured Motherhood provides premier birth doula services to all of North Jersey with expertise, nurturance, and compassion.
Welcome to Nurtured Motherhood


As your doula, I will suggest, and help you get into, positions that will help your baby get into an optimal position for birth, as well as suggest positions that will help ease discomfort and pain during labor. I also offer comfort touch, counter-pressure, and breathing techniques.



I support mothers emotionally from the time you hire me during your pregnancy through the birth of your baby. During your pregnancy, I provide emotional support by being available by phone to answer questions, provide evidence-based information, and ease worries and concerns. During the laboring and birthing processes, I tune into and listen to what you need to feel comforted and empowered in order to help you have the birth experience that you would like to have. During labor, I create an individualized comforting atmosphere wherever you choose to birth - I can light LED candles, play relaxing music, speak in quiet voice, minimize distractions for you, and more.



If you have a partner, or others, who will be with you during labor and birth, I will work with them so that they are as included as they would like to be, and I will teach and assist them with physical comfort measures that will help them feel involved and better able to help you feel comfortable. Our birth partners go through a lot of emotions during the birthing process, and I will tend to their emotional needs, as well as yours.



As a DONA International-trained doula, I am able to help connect families with evidence-based resources so that they are able to understand the birthing process, ask their providers great questions, and make informed decisions that are best for themselves and their babies.



Beginning in active labor, I will be with you, supporting you, during every step of the birthing process. This is beneficial so that the mother never feels alone or abandoned, particularly in cases where the partner has to, or wants to, leave the room to take a break or to be with the baby. I will stay with you and help you relax and continue to focus on the task at hand. I will be with you until an hour after your baby is born. 

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